Players Code of Conduct


Rugby Maryland encourages each member club to distribute this Players Code of Conduct to their players and retain executed copies for future reference.

Ignorance of this policy is NOT an excuse for violations to the policy, and does NOT exempt any player associated with a Rugby Maryland member club from sanctions or other disciplinary action in accordance with this policy. Rugby Maryland expects ALL players to abide by the following Players Code of Conduct:

  1. Players who represent their teams are ambassadors of their club, Rugby Maryland and USA Rugby, as well as the game of rugby in general. As such, each player is expected to be on good behavior at all times, both on and off the field.
  2. Players recognize and appreciate the efforts made by coaches, parents, match officials, and administrators in providing the opportunity to play the game and enjoy the rugby environment.
  3. Players recognize that every player has a right to expect their involvement in rugby to be safe and free from any type of abuse.
  4. Players should not exhibit obnoxious, impolite, antisocial or dangerous behavior (including dangerous play) of any sort that would adversely affect the image of the game as a serious and disciplined endeavor. This includes verbal abuse of opponents by players or their supporters.
  5. Players recognize that they are part of the safety equation and have a role in decreasing the chance of being hurt while participating in rugby.
  6. A player must not before, during or after a match under the jurisdiction of Rugby Maryland or any other affiliated Rugby Union threaten or address a referee or touch judge in insulting terms, or act in a provocative manner towards a fellow player, coach, referee or touch judge.
  7. Players must act in a fair and sporting manner in accordance with the IRB Laws of the Game and accept, without question, all referee decisions even if they appear to be incorrect.
  8. All players and supporters must respect the ground rules that are in effect at any particular match.
  9. Players understand that AT NO TIME WILL ALCOHOL OR DRUGS BE ALLOWED OR TOLERATED AT ANY HIGH SCHOOL OR YOUTH MATCH EITHER BY PLAYERS OR TEAM SUPPORTERS. Violations of this Code of Conduct will be immediately addressed by the Rugby Maryland Disciplinary Committee. All sanctions by the Rugby Maryland Disciplinary Committee will be enforced by the Committee and appropriate coaching staff. I understand that my participation in Rugby Maryland competition is dependent upon my signature on this document and by my actions at all matches and team functions.