Like all sports, there are never enough referees….and Maryland High School and Youth rugby is always in need of referees.

Youth tag is a great way for young high school and college players to get involved with officiating the game.   And there is less training and less skills needed to start refereeing tag.  Tackle referees for youth and high school are in high demand as well.

Rugby Maryland is committed to promoting Safety in all aspects of the Game of Rugby – and trained and knowledgeable match officials are part of keep the game safe. Rugby Maryland recognizes that referees are a necessary and integral part of the Game and fully supports training, coaching and evaluation of referees to promote the safe enjoyment of the Game.

In Maryland and the District of Columbia (as well as northern Virginia), the Potomac Rugby Referees provide for training and management of referees at the high school, collegiate and senior level.   The Potomac Rugby Referees (and USARugby) follow the WorldRugby certification process for all referees.  This includes online and in person training to certify touch judges, assistant referees and referees. The Potomac Referees not only provides management of referee scheduling and assignments, they develop, train and monitor referee performance.  Rugby Maryland supports the efforts of the Potomac Referees to develop and enhance our game officials to better serve and support the game of rugby.

For more information on the Potomac Referees or to find out how to become a certified referee goto the Potomac Refs website:

Potomac Rugby Referees

World Rugby – Laws Website